Book Review: LINQ In Action

LINQ In Action


Hi all.

I’ve been reading this book from Manning Publications. It’s very well recommended by several, well respected, persons, including Scott Guthrie.

About the book

At first, I was a bit intrigued by the publicity, but the book is worth it. I’m very impressed how very complex ideas are explained in a very simple way. The book is so cleverly designed that I felt like taking a walk in the park with my mom and dad teaching me everything around.

The other thing that really impressed me is that the authors put everything into perspective, not just making the book a means to get LINQ to everybody, but also showing the drawbaks of abusing of the use of LINQ. They show metrics in using LINQ to Objects vrs. Memory Structures and warns about all of that. This is the first book that actually put performance above even the topic is about.

Very very happy I was able to read it.

See you later,


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