Book Review: NHibernate In Action


Hi all.

A few weeks ago got the opportunity to read this book from Manning Publications. It’s still with status of Early Access so I got an e-book.

I was very enthusiastic about it. I’ve had some very good comments about NHibernate so I decided to give it a try.

About the book

ORMs are not new to me, but NHibernate has some distinctive approach of doing things. I’m not an expert in the product so my comments regarding the content are quite small. The samples are easy to read and understand; it’s not quantum theory but are very well thought for the sake of emphasize specific things. I had a hard time trying to follow the samples in the first and second chapter but as I got involved with the syntax and the functions everything became clear at some point.

I’m not sure if I could recommend this book for an absolute beginner but for someone with basic knowlege fo ORMs and web programming techniques it should be ok.

The one thing I didn’t like was the figures, so I paid little attention to them. Hopefully by the time it hits the streets they got them better.

OK. I think that’s it. The conclusion is, it’s a good book and you’ll catch up with some very interesting things regarding NHibernate.

Hope some of you could comment on this.


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