Errors on Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™

Hi all.

I’ve been trying since yesterday (unsuccessfully) to upload a video to the Silverlight Streaming website

I’m always getting this error in IE8, Firefox and Safari doesn’t even work:

uncaught exception: Error calling method on NPObject! [plugin exception: System.Security.SecurityException: Dialogs must be user-initiated. at System.Windows.Browser.ManagedObjectInfo.Invoke(ManagedObject obj, InvokeType invokeType, String memberName, ScriptParam[] args) at System.Windows.Browser.ManagedObject.Invoke(InvokeType invokeType, Int32 memberID, ScriptParam[] args) at System.Windows.Hosting.ScriptingInterface.InvokeScriptableMember(ManagedObject obj, InvokeType invokeType, Int32 memberID, ScriptParam[] args, ScriptParam& pResult) at System.Windows.Hosting.ManagedHost.InvokeScriptableMember(IntPtr pHandle, Int32 nMemberID, Int32 nInvokeType, Int32 nArgCount, ScriptParam[] pArgs, ScriptParam& pResult, ExceptionInfo& pExcepInfo)]

Anybody experience similar problems?

NOTE: Apparently this is provoked by the installation of a different version of Silverlight. I installed Silverlight 3 yesterday and that caused the problem. Reinstalled Silverlight 2 today and everything is working fine now.

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