News: New Zune PASS

Hi all.

I though I’d share with you this news about the new Zune PASS subscription service available for all of you lucky owners of a Zune Player. (Yes, I don’t own one – probably at Christmas).

So, here it is:


Zune Pass just got better. With the new Zune Pass subscription, you can download all the music you like from our multi-million-song library and now you’ll keep ten of your favorites every month. Best of all, it’s still only $14.99 a month.


1. Download the Zune software
2. Create a Zune account
3. Click My Account, then Zune Pass, and follow the on-screen instructions
4. Sign in to Zune Marketplace and start using your pass!

With a monthly Zune Pass music subscription, you can download millions of tracks from Zune Marketplace* for the price of one CD a month ($14.99). Play them whenever you want on up to three computers and three players, for as long as you keep your subscription up to date. You also get to keep 10 of your favorite songs each month to add to your permanent collection. That’s $10 worth of songs you know you already love.

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