The ASP.NET Capsule #15: Telerik FREE WebAii Test Framework for RadControls

WebAii Testing Framework helps developers build automated unit tests, functional tests and end to end scenario tests for both AJAX- and Silverlight-powered applications. From automating complex UI actions, waiting on DOM changes to imitating the complete list of UI XAML elements in Silverlight – it’s all in here for free!



Why choose

In Line with Latest Technologies: AJAX and Silverlight Support
WebAii Testing Framework facilitates the automation of ASP.NET AJAX and client-side functionality, as well as binding test steps to a data source. Telerik’s new testing tool also incorporates Silverlight Extension that will help developers build tests for Silverlight-based applications. It has a UI object model that mimics the complete list of UI XAML elements in Silverlight. This allows you to access everything as if you are sitting inside the Silverlight application by using the same object model.

Native Support for Telerik RadControls
Native Support for Telerik RadControls Besides providing support for extensive HtmlControl Suite, WebAii Testing Framework also ships with special wrappers for Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight. These wrappers expose rich API by numerous methods and properties that help developers save time and efforts when writing functional tests even for very complex web applications built with the Telerik controls.

Unique Browser Abstraction
Thanks to WebAii Testing Framework’s browser abstraction capabilities, you can write a single test and have it executed against multiple browsers with no additional coding required! Improve your browser compatibility testing and save loads of time at the same time!

Not Just Affordable, It’s Free
No strings attached – download your free copy of WebAii Testing Framework together with free wrappers for Telerik RadControls. If you haven’t tried Telerik web controls yet, get your free trials now:

Increasing Productivity
Telerik’s free testing tool builds on top of commonly known element identification methods and extends them to provide identification routines which save developers loads of time. What’s more, it leverages the power of LINQ to offer rich set of search methods that enable you to find elements using their names, text and type, as well as create strongly typed advanced queries with intellisense support.

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