The ASP.NET Capsule #23: Telerik RadControls for Silverlight 3

Hi all.

The guys from Telerik are very busy this days. Now they have just launched SP1 of their RadControls for Silverlight Q2 2009 with Silverlight 3 Support.

Acording to Hristo Maradjiev the service pack not only includes the official supported controls for Silverlight 3, but also a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements. The bad news is that Telerik will discontinue the future support for the Silverlight 2 controls. The dlls for SL2 will still be included in this release, but not in the installation files and the demos. 

But that’s not the end of the story, The RadControls for Silverlight 3 also supports .NET RIA Services:

You’ll get:

  • Completely codeless binding to .NET RIA Services
  • Simple access to server-side data
  • Impressive validation support on the client and on the server
  • Patterns for dealing with common Line of Business scenarios
  • Automatic data paging by using the pager control
  • Easy re-use the ASP.NET authorization and authentication
  • Faster server-side sorting, filtering and paging for all data

So I hope you can take advantage of this important milestone in RadControls for Silverlight. Here are some links:


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