The ASP.NET Capsule #3: JetBrains RubyMine JavaScript Feature

Hi all.

I was talking with the JetBrains guys and I really never paid attention to their new product RubyMine. RubyMine is a Ruby on Rails IDE with lot’s of functionality and unique features.

So, they here is part of our conversation:

[8:22:51 AM] Britt King: BTW, have you tried RubyMine yet?
[8:23:00 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: no, I don’t do Ruby
[8:23:21 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: I’m really scared of that
[8:23:36 AM] Britt King: lots of developers are using as a JavaScript editor 🙂
[8:23:53 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: mmm interesting
[8:23:57 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: that I do a lot
[8:24:18 AM] Britt King: lots of good feedback about it’s JS editing capabilities
[8:24:24 AM] Britt King: the beta is out now

So, I went to the website and download the beta. I’m starting to test now but wanted to highlight some of the JavaScript Editor capabilities of the tool:

  • JavaScript code completion
  • JavaScript error & syntax highlighting
  • JavaScript refactoring
  • JavaScript code formatting
  • JavaScript code folding
  • Surrounding JavaScript code blocks with common constructs
  • Advanced JavaScript Search and Navigation
  • Goto symbol
  • Goto declaration
  • JavaScript structure view
  • Extended frameworks
  • Also, since this is a new product they are giving a 50% discount coupon for the retail version once is out. You only have to signup for it in the website.

    We’ll see. If you tried this beta before or are currently using it, please let us all know about your experiences.


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