Windows Live Messenger IM Control Module for Drupal CMS

If you are a Drupal user and want to be able to show your Windows Live Messenger online presence, Coworks has a module for you. Coworks attended the Microsoft Web Hosting & Developer Roadshow in Belgium in December 2008, and decided to build a module for Drupal that takes advantage of Live Services. Coworks, who actually specialize in PHP custom development and modules for Drupal, learned that Live Services can be accessed using standard REST and SOAP calls and decided that it was a great reason to give it a go and take advantage of Windows Live Messenger’s capabilities to enhance Drupal CMS.

This integration of the Windows Live Messenger IM Control for Drupal CMS can be downloaded from the Drupal site at Drupal CMS users can easily integrate the Messenger IM Control by downloading the module and following the activation steps detailed on the download page.

[article originally posted by Jared Preston]


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