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News: Meet JetBrains RubyMine 1.0 – a Brand New IDE for Ruby and Rails

Hi all.

Just got this news from JetBrains. Enjoy!


We are excited and proud to announce that RubyMine 1.0 is generally available now.

JetBrains flagship product, IntelliJ IDEA, has always been highly praised for its web development capabilities, such as great HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support. RubyMine inherits the best of the IntelliJ IDEA platform, adds its own amazing features for Ruby and Rails developers, and makes a perfect IDE for an easier and more productive web development with Ruby on Rails.

Our new product is no doubt a great addition to the constantly growing family of JetBrains products. We create tools for many available technologies and we have no plans to stop where we are now. This means more new products in the future and impressive updates to the existing ones. For RubyMine, the features backlog is really huge, so 1.1 release with full support for Rails 2.3 and a remote debug is the matter of few weeks.

Download RubyMine 1.0 Now! Try it for free for 30 days, and purchase the product for only $99 with free upgrades for one full year.

Eugene Toporov, RubyMine product marketing manager at JetBrains

News: Office Service Pack 2 A Significant Stability, Performance and Interoperability Upgrade

Q&A: Group Program Manager Jane Liles talks about the enhancements now available through Service Pack 2 for the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

REDMOND, Wash. — April 28, 2009 — As part of its efforts to continually improve its products and make them more useful for customers, Microsoft periodically releases update packages known as “service packs.” Service packs deliver product updates and selected enhancements, without the complete overhaul of releasing a new version.

Today the availability of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for the 2007 Microsoft Office system was announced. The service pack includes major performance enhancements for Office applications, most notably Microsoft Office Outlook, as well as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. One big benefit is SP2’s boost to interoperability — with this release, Office supports additional built-in file formats such as PDF and ODF.

PressPass talked with Jane Liles, group program manager, Office Sustained Engineering, to discuss what customers can expect from Service Pack 2, how the improvements will provide added value, and how Microsoft is increasing its commitment to interoperability.

Full story here. Download Office 2007 SP2 here.


News: Intersoft WebUI Studio® 2009

Intersoft Solutions® just announced the beta release of WebUI Studio® 2009 – a highly anticipated release that delivers 9 new components for both ASP.NET and Silverlight platform in a single release!

Please follow the links below to get started:

clip_image001  Discover the new innovations of WebUI Studio® 2009

clip_image001  Download the beta now

While waiting for your download to complete, watch some videos that they’ve prepared to help you quickly getting started:

clip_image001  Watch how to select an edition in the new WebUI Studio 2009® setup

clip_image001  Watch how WebTextEditor® redefines content authoring experience

clip_image001  Watch how WebGrid Enterprise® 7 revolutionizes data editing experience

If you haven’t participate in the beta program yet, please enroll in Intersoft Beta Testing Program now.


Please send your email to for product feedback and issues reporting.


For sales or marketing inquiry please contact:
Ms. Nathania Widjaya
CityLofts 16th Floor Suite 1617
Phone: +6221-2555-6680/81
Intersoft Solutions Corp.

The ASP.NET Capsule #3: JetBrains RubyMine JavaScript Feature

Hi all.

I was talking with the JetBrains guys and I really never paid attention to their new product RubyMine. RubyMine is a Ruby on Rails IDE with lot’s of functionality and unique features.

So, they here is part of our conversation:

[8:22:51 AM] Britt King: BTW, have you tried RubyMine yet?
[8:23:00 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: no, I don’t do Ruby
[8:23:21 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: I’m really scared of that
[8:23:36 AM] Britt King: lots of developers are using as a JavaScript editor 🙂
[8:23:53 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: mmm interesting
[8:23:57 AM] José Rolando Guay Paz: that I do a lot
[8:24:18 AM] Britt King: lots of good feedback about it’s JS editing capabilities
[8:24:24 AM] Britt King: the beta is out now

So, I went to the website and download the beta. I’m starting to test now but wanted to highlight some of the JavaScript Editor capabilities of the tool:

  • JavaScript code completion
  • JavaScript error & syntax highlighting
  • JavaScript refactoring
  • JavaScript code formatting
  • JavaScript code folding
  • Surrounding JavaScript code blocks with common constructs
  • Advanced JavaScript Search and Navigation
  • Goto symbol
  • Goto declaration
  • JavaScript structure view
  • Extended frameworks
  • Also, since this is a new product they are giving a 50% discount coupon for the retail version once is out. You only have to signup for it in the website.

    We’ll see. If you tried this beta before or are currently using it, please let us all know about your experiences.


    News: JetBrains TeamCity 4.5 Now Avaliable!

    Hi all.

    Today I got this email with some awesome news about JetBrains TeamCity.


    We are happy to announce the availability of TeamCity 4.5, our continuous integration server and distributed build management tool. With TeamCity, you can set up a build server for your projects within minutes and enjoy out of the box continuous unit testing, code quality analysis, and early reporting on build problems – even without leaving your favorite IDE. TeamCity offers a gentle learning curve, so you can quickly improve your release management practices by gradually adopting its advanced features and capabilities.

    This release brings many usability improvements, updated IDE plugins with some new VCSs supported, plus exciting enterprise-level features such as group support and LDAP synchronization.

    Please visit TeamCity 4.5 "What’s New" page to read more about new features, or check our main TeamCity site at

    Best regards,

    George Dvorak
    Australia, UK and Ireland
    JetBrains Inc.
    UK Tel: + 44(0)203 239 2539
    CZ Tel: + 420 241 722 501
    Fax: + 420 261 711 724
    "Develop with pleasure!"

    Forcing a Refresh on a Developer Express ASPxPopupControl

    Hi all.

    I was working a couple of days ago with the Developer Express components for ASP.NET, the latest version (9.1.3), and I wanted to do a simple task, nothing fancy just having an ASPxGridView to show some rows of data from a SQL Server table, and when double clicking on the row show a popup window with a link to another page to edit that row.

    I needed this approach because I was doing some more stuff than just the simple update of the record. So, the obvious choice was to use the ASPxPopupControl. I really like this components, they are handy and I just love the idea of having a JavaScript editor for the client side events (this way I have all events there and can choose which one to work on).

    Now, I was doing everything by the book, the app was working fine, but suddenly I started to see a side effect  of the popup control. If I modified a row of data, close the popup, and immediately double click on the row again to re-edit, the new changes weren’t loaded.

    I was shocked! How could this be possible? I was doing everything “by the book”, but it wasn’t working. So, tried several approaches, including the use of the client side function ASPxPopupControl.RefreshContentUrl() to try to force a refresh, de-selecting and re-selecting the row in the grid, and nothing was working. One thing I though I could do is to perform a callback with the function PerformCallback() in the client event Shown, but guess what, the control doesn’t have a Callback event as an add-on it doesn’t have a function to call the callback.

    I did some research in the Developer Express Support website and found some information about how exactly the popup control worked. This is some information regarding the control:

    • It doesn’t manage the “back” button history.
    • The control uses the concept of Show/Hide instead of Open/Close.
    • Can’t show/hide from server side code.

    So, what I did in all the experimentation process was actually simple. When the popup was shown it loads the record information from the database, so, I have a button that perform the save operation which sends modified data again to the database, so I added an extra line in the save process (after it was successful) to reload the page using Response.Redirect. This way, the popup will be forced to reload the information as if it was the first time and the show/hide functionality would work as it was open/close.

    The only thing that happen when using this approach is the visual effect of reloading but I guess there is no fix for that.

    I’m still not sure if this approach is the best. It sure helped me achieve my goal but I think something in the RefreshContentUrl() function is not working the way it’s supposed to work.

    Feel free to let me know any better approaches of dealing with this kind of situations or maybe this could help you get around the problems you’re having. Please comment as I would like to hear different ideas.


    Perpetuum Software: Version nueva de Report Sharp-Shooter

    Nuevas versiones: Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight – Versión Final

    La versión final del Report-Sharp Shooter para Silverlight está disponible. Informe-Sharp Shooter para Silverlight está diseñado para crear sistemas de información corporativos, y se ha demostrado un potente y fiable generador de informes de cualquier nivel de complejidad. Esta versión final de los componentes puede ser fácilmente incorporada en su aplicación. Report-Sharp Shooter de Silverlight ofrece un entorno de trabajo estable en el desarrollo de Informes web con funcionalidad análoga a los Informes Win Form. Los informes creados con el Informe-Sharp Shooter de Silverlight pueden incluir gráficos y medidores para representar gráficamente los datos incluidos en ellos

    – Clientes que hayan comprado la versión Go-Live pueden obtener la Licencia Final Gratuitamente.

    – Clientes que hayan obtenido la Professional Edition of Report Sharp-Shooter y el .Net ModelKit Suite cuya suscripción este válida, obtienen Report Sharp-Shooter absolutamente libre de costos. Por favor descargue su archivo de licencia y registre el producto nuevamente.

    Descarga Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight…

    Add-on gratis para usar con elo Report Sharp-Shooter para Silverlight en el SharePoint

    Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight es una poderosa herramienta de informes diseñada para crear informes de cualquier nivel de complejidad y exibirlos en aplicativos Silverlight. Los usuarios finales pueden previsualizar, hacer zooms,pan, navegar, buscar informaciones y exportar informes a PDF, RTF, HTML y Excel.

    Ahora, con el lanzamiento del Report Sharp-Shooter para Silverlight: SharePoint Web Part posee informes con funcionalidades avanzadas y facilmente integrables a los sitios web SharePoint. Con apenas algunos clicks es posible adicionar el Silverlight Viewer web part al portal corporativo y ver el Silverlight report viewer integrado en el sitio web, imediatamente.

    • Apenas digite la dirección del servicio WCF y consiga una lista de los informes disponibles
    • Report Sharp-Shooter para Silverlight: SharePoint Web Part es GRÁTIS

    Report Sharp-Shooter para Silverlight: SharePoint Web Part es de uso LIBRE

    Descargue el Add-on Silverlight SharePoint Web Part.

    Lanzamiento del PerformancePoint Print WebPart

    Perpetuum Software presenta una nueva solución avanzada orientada a la impresión de informes, tablas y planillas PerformancePoint economizando tiempo y esfuerzo a los usuarios haciendo el trabajo con PerformancePoint mas confortable.

    PerformancePoint Server 2007 es una aplicación integrada de gestión del rendimiento que le permite supervisar y analizar su negocio. Proporciona herramientas flexibles, potentes y fáciles de utilizar para la construcción de paneles y toda la funcionalidad necesaria para la gestión del rendimiento. Sin embargo, los usuarios se enfrentan a un verdadero problema cuando se trata de impresión de los informes o tablas de PerformancePoint, ya que éste no proporciona una herramienta de impresión incorporada.El usuario debe imprimir fuera de la tabla desde Internet Explorer y todos los elementos PerformancePoint son impresos de esa manera, lo cual no es adecuado. Perpetuum Software ofrece una solución elegante al problema – PerformancePoint Print WebPart. Este add-on elimina todos los elementos PerformancePoint proporcionando una apariencia limpia al informe o tabla de instrumentos que queda pronto así para ser impreso de forma rápida y fácilmente..

    Más información sobre PerformancePoint Print WebPart…
    Descarga PerformancePoint Print WebPart…

    Ofertas especiales

    La Versión final del Informe-Sharp Shooter para Silverlight ha sido lanzada. Por lo tanto, tiene una semana más para obtener esta poderosa herramienta de informes para Silverlight ahorrando un 30%. Esta oferta termina el 30 de abril de 2009.

    Utilize esta oportunidad de economizar un 30%!


    Free Telerik Webminar: OpenAccess ORM Advanced Topics

    Join Telerik Evangelist Kevin Babcock for a look at some of the more advanced features of OpenAccess ORM. During this webinar you’ll learn how to use Object-Oriented techniques, such as inheritance and polymorphism, to create more complex mappings between persistence classes and the database. You’ll see how to optimize data retrieval using FetchPlans and FetchGroups. You’ll also discover how to perform operations that change the state of the database and how to use transactions to manage data concurrency. Finally, you’ll  dive into your application’s configuration files to gain an understanding of how these and other settings are stored. If you’re comfortable with the basics and want to get more out of OpenAccess ORM, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

    Click here to sign up

    If you missed the previous webminar, check it out here in my blog or on here in Telerik TV.


    O’Reilly Webcast – XBRL: the what, why and who…

    Join this free, live webcast

    With the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandating it; stock exchanges around the world using it; and official support from the European Parliament as well as governments of the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and China – the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) can certainly be considered a global standard for business reporting.

    This webcast will introduce you to XBRL and answer your questions. What is XBRL? How is it different than XML? Who is using it today? Learn from Charlie Hoffman, Director, UBmatrix and credited as the "Father of XBRL."

    This presentation is targeted at IT professionals and IT managers interested in learning more about XBRL. As O’Reilly online editor Kurt Cagle recently wrote: "the formal adoption of XBRL as a mandatory requirement is likely to have a number of implications, not least of which being a suddenly high demand for XML skilled people in general, and XBRL people in particular."

    Attendance is limited, so register now. We’ll send you a reminder before the webcast. And please feel free to share this invitation with others.

    Date: Wednesday, April 22 at 10 am PT
    Price: Free
    Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
    To register:
    Questions? Please send email to