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SQL Server 2008 Liberado!!!

El día de hoy fue liberado la versión final (RTM) del tan esperado SQL Server 2008.

La noticia completa la pueden encontrar aquí (en inglés).

Todos los suscriptores de MSDN y TechNet pueden descargarlo inmediatamente.

Estas son las ediciones disponibles de SQL Server 2008 son:

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. Con soporte de escalabilidad de clase enterprise, data-warehousing, seguridad, análisis avanzado y reportería.  

SQL Server 2008 Standard. Para aplicaciones departamentales. 

SQL Server 2008 Workgroup. Para aplicaciones branch. 

SQL Server 2008 Web. Para aplicaciones web. Diseñada para ser de bajo costo, tener alta disponibilidad y a gran escala. 

SQL Server 2008 Developer. Similar a la versión Enterprise, pero se licencia únicamente para efectos de desarrollo de aplicaciones y es por cada desarrollador. 

SQL Server 2008 Express. GRATUITA. Para aplicaciones de escritorio y efectos de aprendizaje. 

SQL Server Compact 3.5. GRATUITA. Para aplicaciones móviles. 



Book Review: ASP.NET Ajax In Action

Hi all.

I’ve been reading this book for a few weeks now and thought of writting a few lines about it.

About the Book

Well, to start just to point out that the book is from Manning Publications (very good book publishing company) and it’s not that big (576 pages). Also, it has been aroud for almost a year know, so it’s not that new, but yet, a world class bestseller.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book since it was the first I got for Ajax, however I thought it might be a good book since Scott Guthrie has it on his [scottgu] and recommends it (well, he wrote some forewords), and also there are some other excellent reviewers/reviews about it, but ok, seriously, the books is actually one of the best books I’ve read. It’s clear, concise, right to the point, the samples actually work (not like some other books I’ve read) and are so simple to modify and adapt to my projects.

It really helped me get some true insights for working with Ajax. Thanks to it I’ve written my first javascripts to call some methods and webservices using http. And has given me a clear idea of how to work with JSON.

Anyway, if you get serious about Ajax, get this book, period.

See you on the next post.


Book Review: NHibernate In Action


Hi all.

A few weeks ago got the opportunity to read this book from Manning Publications. It’s still with status of Early Access so I got an e-book.

I was very enthusiastic about it. I’ve had some very good comments about NHibernate so I decided to give it a try.

About the book

ORMs are not new to me, but NHibernate has some distinctive approach of doing things. I’m not an expert in the product so my comments regarding the content are quite small. The samples are easy to read and understand; it’s not quantum theory but are very well thought for the sake of emphasize specific things. I had a hard time trying to follow the samples in the first and second chapter but as I got involved with the syntax and the functions everything became clear at some point.

I’m not sure if I could recommend this book for an absolute beginner but for someone with basic knowlege fo ORMs and web programming techniques it should be ok.

The one thing I didn’t like was the figures, so I paid little attention to them. Hopefully by the time it hits the streets they got them better.

OK. I think that’s it. The conclusion is, it’s a good book and you’ll catch up with some very interesting things regarding NHibernate.

Hope some of you could comment on this.


Videos de Silverlight 2.0

Hola fanáticos de Silverlight

Mike Taulty ha lanzado una impresionante colección de 44 screencasts sobre Silverlight 2.0. Cubre temas como el funcionamiento general de Silverlight, controles, manejo de archivos, redes, diseño de interfaces, acceso a datos, interacción con páginas de HTML y mucho mas.

Este es un valiosísimo recurso que pueden aprovechar para aprender (o actualizar sus conocimientos de)  Silverlight 2.0.

Acá está la lista de videos:

  1. Silverlight – Anatomy of an Application
  2. Silverlight – The VS Environment
  3. Silverlight – Content Controls
  4. Silverlight – Built-In Controls
  5. Silverlight – Width, Height, Margins, Padding, Alignment
  6. Silverlight – Using a GridSplitter
  7. Silverlight – Grid Layout
  8. Silverlight – StackPanel Layout
  9. Silverlight – Canvas Layout
  10. Silverlight – Databinding UI to .NET Classes
  11. Silverlight – Simple Styles
  12. Silverlight – Custom Types in XAML
  13. Silverlight – Binding with Conversion
  14. Silverlight – List Based Data Binding
  15. Silverlight – Simple User Control
  16. Silverlight – Templating a Button
  17. Silverlight – Resources from XAP/DLL/Site Of Origin
  18. Silverlight – Animations & Storyboards
  19. Silverlight – Uploads with WebClient
  20. Silverlight – Downloads with WebClient
  21. Silverlight – Calling HTTPS Web Services
  22. Silverlight – Calling Web Services
  23. Silverlight – Making Cross Domain Requests
  24. Silverlight – Using HttpWebRequest
  25. Silverlight – File Dialogs and User Files
  26. Silverlight – Using Sockets
  27. Silverlight – Using Isolated Storage
  28. Silverlight – .NET Code Modifying HTML
  29. Silverlight – Using Isolated Storage Quotas
  30. Silverlight – Calling JavaScript from .NET
  31. Silverlight – Evaluating JavaScript from .NET Code
  32. Silverlight – Handling HTML Events in .NET Code
  33. Silverlight – Handling .NET Events in JavaScript
  34. Silverlight – Calling .NET from JavaScript
  35. Silverlight – Displaying a Custom Splash Screen
  36. Silverlight – Passing Parameters from your Web Page
  37. Silverlight – Loading Media at Runtime
  38. Silverlight – Dynamically Loading Assemblies/Code
  39. Silverlight – Reading/Writing XML
  40. Silverlight – Multiple Threads with BackgroundWorker
  41. Silverlight – Insert/Update/Delete with the DataGrid
  42. Silverlight – Getting Started with the DataGrid
  43. Silverlight – Embedding Custom Fonts

Que los disfruten!!