June, 2009

Best Video I’ve Seen Today Will Make You Smile

http://gizmodo.com/5231112/best-video-ive-seen-today-will-make-you-smile If this video doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes and makes you smile for the rest of the day, you are a cold hearted bastard. Watch it from beginning to end—you won’t regret it. This cover of Stand By Me was recorded by completely unknown artists in a street virtual studio all around […]

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O sole mio: Trio Ginoble-Boschetto-Barone – Live

Well, what can I say… Enjoy the following video, really amazing! They’re just kids!!

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The ASP.NET Capsule #14: How to automatically send a DevExpress XtraReport via Email

The following example demonstrates how to automatically send a report via e-mail. To do this, a report should first be exported into one of the available formats. In this example, a report is exported to PDF, since this format provides the best output quality (the PDF result is as close to a report’s print result […]

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DevExpress CodeRush Xpress for C# & VB.NET

Mark Miller from DevExpress just posted an incredible article on CodeRush Xpress. Here is a part of it:   CodeRush Xpress is a powerful developer productivity tool from Dev Express. The product is free, licensed by Microsoft on behalf of all developers working in Visual Studio 2008 in all paid-for product skus (e.g., Standard, Professional, […]

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News: Welcome to Telerik Labs

This is the place where you can evaluate and become part of all the exciting technologies, innovations and products Telerik is working on. Here you will have early access to numerous interesting demos and samples as well as future additions to our product line. Feel free to download, explore, comment or just play around. Telerik […]

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News: Telerik Webinar: WebUI Test Studio

On Wednesday July 1st, Falafel Software is offering a FREE webinar on ArtOfTest’s WebAii Framework and the Automation Design Canvas. The following subjects will be discussed and demonstrated: Browser Support Test Regions Silverlight automation Ajax Testing Best practices. The Webinar will be conducted over GotoWebinar.com and upon registration you will receive the choices of Audio […]

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The ASP.NET Capsule #13: Preparing your Telerik based website to run in medium trust

Today I installed a new website for one of our customers in a shared hosting provider (I will omit the name because I think is one of the worst shared hosting providers available, cheap but crappy). In any case, virtually every single shared hosting provider works on medium trust or some sort of security level […]

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Chicken a la carte – What are we teaching our children?

Hi all. I don’t usually post stuff like this in my technical blog but we could spare 6 minutes to watch this award winning short film and analyze how the world is and what are we teaching our children. I apologize if this post is consider inappropriate for the technical flow of the site but […]

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News: System.Data.OracleClient update

Microsoft has made a huge announcement regarding the OracleClient library in ADO.NET. Himanshu Vasishth, Program Manager for ADO.NET OracleClient made the following information available in the ADO.NET Team Blog yesterday: As a part of formulating our long term strategy for ADO.NET, we have had several discussions with number of our customers, internal and external partners, […]

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News: Easy deadlock detection- get a free license for Typemock’s Racer launch

Typemock have launched a new Unit testing tool, Typemock Racer, and for the launch they are offering a free license for bloggers who will review it. Get the full details on Typemock’s blog

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