Book Review: ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Quickly

Hi all. I want to share my thoughts about the book ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Quickly from Packt Publishing. The book is quite nice I think. I has provided me the great option to read about ASP.NET MVC (as the name implies) quickly. I was very entertained with it. I have to say it up front. […]

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News: Webcast de ReSharper – Agosto 31 En Español

Este lunes 31 de agosto tendremos un webcast sobre Resharper. El evento es gratuito y será impartido en español. Registro: https://www323.livemeeting.com/lrs/8000181573/Registration.aspx?pageName=r7p7f53m2d224k0v Estaremos rifando una licencia de R# entre todos los asistentes. Los esperamos!     

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The ASP.NET Capsule #19: Examine “The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference”

Hi all. Today I got reported from one of our clients that he was having problems printing a report they have. The error he was getting was:     *  An error occurred during local report processing.           o The definition of the report ‘Main Report’ is invalid.                 + An unexpected error occurred in Report […]

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The ASP.NET Capsule #18: Running C# & VB.NET in the same web application

Hi all. You know, sometimes you just find some code on the Internet or a colleague handed out a piece of code written in a language other than the one you use. Well, fear no more. Just modify your Web.Config file to include the other compiler and off you go. <system.codedom> <compilers> <compiler language=“c#;cs;csharp“ extension=“.cs“  […]

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Tips de Uso de Internet Explorer 8

Este arículo está en español / This article is in Spanish Hola a todos. Quiero mostrarles algunos tips que pueden ser útiles en el uso de Internet Explorer 8. 1. Personalizar la barra de título Esta personalización se puede realizar por medio de una llave en el registro. Para ello tenemos que abrir el programa […]

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Características Desconocidas de Internet Explorer 8

This article is in Spanish / Este artículo esta en español Hola a todos Este artículo trata sobre algunas características algo desconocidas en Internet Explorer 8. Selección de texto con el teclado Esta opción hace tiempo que existe en Firefox pero no existía en Internet Explorer. Ahora, en la version 8, podemos utilizar la tecla […]

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The ASP.NET Capsule #17: Book Recommendations from Packt Publishing with Sample Chapters

Here are some book recommendations from Packt Publishing with a sample chapter. Learning jQuery 1.3 Sample Chapter Chapter 4: Effects   Entity Framework Tutorial  Sample Chapter Chapter 2: Getting Started   ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design Sample Chapter Chapter 5: Model View Controller   ASP.NET Data Presentation Controls Essentials Sample Chapter Chapter 4: Working […]

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The ASP.NET Capsule #16: Bug in Telerik RadComboBox for ASP.NET AJAX (Workaround available)

Hi all. I came across this bug when using Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, more specific the RadComboBox. It’s a simple bug but might make you have a headache. Description You have a RadComboBox declared in your ASP.NET Webforms Page. For example: <telerik:RadComboBox ID="RadComboBox1" runat="server" EmptyMessage="Select a value from list…"> <CollapseAnimation Type="OutQuint" Duration="200"></CollapseAnimation> </telerik:RadComboBox> Note […]

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The ASP.NET Capsule #15: Telerik FREE WebAii Test Framework for RadControls

WebAii Testing Framework helps developers build automated unit tests, functional tests and end to end scenario tests for both AJAX- and Silverlight-powered applications. From automating complex UI actions, waiting on DOM changes to imitating the complete list of UI XAML elements in Silverlight – it’s all in here for free! Features Why choose In Line […]

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News: Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 Launch

Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 will be unveiled at a virtual launch event on July 10, 2009. Attend the event at www.seethelight.com on July 10 to watch the keynote sessions and see new in-depth sessions. Stroll through the customer and partner pavilions in the Exhibition Hall or stop by ‘The Visual Kitchen’ TV show […]

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