News: Intersoft Solutions Releases WebUI Studio 2009

JAKARTA – June 09, 2009 – Intersoft Solutions today announced the official release of WebUI Studio® 2009, the world’s most advanced and innovative presentation layer toolkit for ASP.NET and Silverlight application development. This breakthrough release delivers 9 new products, and includes hundreds of new features designed to address the most demanding web applications requirements, while accelerating the development cycle and improving productivity for both developers and end users.

“We took web development an evolutionary leap forward. No other component set compares,” said Jimmy Petrus, Intersoft’s CEO. “WebUI Studio 2009 delivers cloud computing support, truly impressive client-binding technology, an innovative text editing suite, breakthrough data presenters for Silverlight, and much more – making web development easier and faster than ever, while adding unprecedented value to Rich Internet Applications.”

WebGrid Enterprise® 7 Adds 10x Faster Data Processing and Advanced Batch Update

WebGrid Enterprise® 7 offers two powerful new features: ClientBinding™ and SmartBatchUpdate™.
ClientBinding™slashes the client footprint by over 90% to place it squarely head and shoulders over the competition and making it the premier solution for highly scalable enterprise-level applications. ClientBinding™ allows data easy access to web services with just one line of markup. It also supports a variety of data providers: Web Services, WCF Services, ADO.NET Data Services, and cloud computing services like Windows Azure. And, of course, ClientBinding™ fully supports all existing WebGrid features.

WebGrid Enterprise 7

Presenter® for Silverlight: Information Your Way

Intersoft Presenter

Intersoft Solutions introduces Presenter®, a suite of next-generation data visualization components for the creation of rich, powerful Silverlight applications. Featuring a multitude of innovative technologies such as hybrid views, declarative data binding, and virtual scrolling, Presenter® delivers unrivaled power, speed and flexibility. Presenter is packed with easy-to-use, intuitive development features. Its comprehensive design-time support for Microsoft Expression Blend® 2.5 and Visual Studio 2008® provides a solid team-based collaboration platform for both designers and developers.

Presenter® is also the first Silverlight component suite to offer hybrid views, enabling developers to present information in a variety of formats. It includes four presentation components: flexible list and icon presenters, an advanced grid presenter, and a stunning 3D CoverFlow presenter. End users can maximize data analysis by presenting information in their preferred learning and delivery styles.

Unique to Presenter is VirtualScroll™, a powerful technology that radically improves data display performance — a vital element of highly scalable, enterprise-level applications. VirtualScroll™ provides highly responsive data browsing and scrolling, regardless of the amount of data involved.

The Presenter Suite also includes an advanced Grid Presenter with a comprehensive set of data-aware features such as data grouping, filtering, server-side paging, data-drilling, and hybrid child views. Engineered for high performance data display and highly customizable, it’s the ultimate toolkit for building rich, data-aware Silverlight applications.

WebTextEditor® Revolutionizes Editing

Intersoft Solutions delivers a highly anticipated component for the ASP.NET platform in the WebUI Studio 2009® release: WebTextEditor, a business-oriented text editor that combines powerful tools and a sophisticated editing environment to make content development easier and more intuitive than ever before.
A multitude of powerful editing tools includes a built-in media gallery, table designer, dynamic spell checker, and RealProgress file uploader, making it easy for developers to build next-generation, advanced Content Management Systems. With WebTextEditor, browser-based editing feels just like a desktop word processor, with every key tool just a click away.

WebTextEditor® Revolutionizes Editing

The thoughtfully designed user interface sets WebTextEditor apart from all other editing components. Smart toolbars that don’t clutter up the page, an intuitive Microsoft Word-style floating toolbar, and adaptive task panes are just a few of the features that simplify content authoring tasks and enhance productivity.

WebTextEditor® also includes a unique file uploader powered by DirectUpload™, an innovative technology that lets users work unimpeded as large files transfer in the background. The integrated progress bar keeps users informed of the transfer status and estimated completion time – a feature offered by no other ASP.NET editor.

New WebUI Studio® Editions and Faster Installation

In addition to delivering nine new components in WebUI Studio® 2009, Intersoft Solutions also introduces three new WebUI Studio® editions: WebUI Studio for ASP.NET®, WebUI Studio for Silverlight®, and the ultimate WebUI Studio® Premier edition, which includes a complete set of development tools for both ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms.
WebUI Studio® 2009 also includes a new, download-on-demand installation technology that enables developers to select the desired edition from within the installation user interface. The installer downloads only the required files, resulting in a smooth and seamless installation process that minimizes download time and network resource consumption.

New WebUI Studio® Editions and Faster Installation

Pricing and Availability

Intersoft WebUI Studio® 2009 can be purchased at Three editions are available:

  • Premier edition is the ultimate WebUI Studio for all your web development needs. It includes the full set of all ASP.NET and Silverlight platform components. It also includes Priority Support, live chat technical support, and more. Prices start at $1,599.
  • ASP.NET edition offers a comprehensive toolkit for ASP.NET web development, including the enterprise-class data grid, powerful scheduler, rich text editor, type-ahead combobox, compelling desktop manager, and 20 additional cutting-edge components. Prices start at $1,299.
  • Silverlight edition includes
    an innovative docking navigation component, stunning CoverFlow media player, feature-rich data presenters, time-saving datasource controls, and more. Prices start at $799.

Each edition can be licensed on either a Suite or Subscription basis. Learn more about the benefits of a subscription or compare WebUI Studio editions in more detail today.

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