News: JetBrains YouTRACK (Formerly ‘Charisma’) Enters Beta Phase

YouTrack (previously code-named Charisma) is a keyboard-centric bug and issue tracker web application. Whatever you do with your issues, you can do it much faster because most of your actions involve two simple controls:

  • Search for issues by typing queries in the search box using query completion. Read more »
    Search for issues using YouTrack search box 


  • Modify multiple issues at once using the Command window. Read more »
    Apply any commands to selected issues 


  • Commands syntax is similar to that of YouTrack search queries, so you can get started in no time!

YouTrack offers even more ways to minimize the time you spend on reporting and/or processing issues:

  • Create new issues by simply pressing Alt+Ins from anywhere within YouTrack. Read more »
  • Use extensive keyboard support to create, edit, and navigate between issues — all major actions have easy-to-learn shortcuts. For example, to close an issue, you type fixed, and press Ctrl+Enter. Read more »
  • Assign tags to group issues the way you like, regardless of their attributes. For example, you can create a tag like fix it today and associate it with issues from different projects, subsystems, etc. Read more »

YouTrack is distributed as either a JAR or a WAR file, ready to run as a standalone Java process or to be deployed at any of today’s popular application servers, including Apache Tomcat 5+, Apache Geronimo, Mortbay Jetty, Caucho Resin, and JBoss.

YouTrack is being developed with JetBrains MPS and is used to track issues in our own products, including TeamCity, dotTrace, MPS, and Web IDE.

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