The ASP.NET Capsule #8: New video on Telerik’s RadGrid + RadToolTip Manager

Hi all.

Check out my new video on using Telerik’s RadGrid.

By using the RadToolTipManager control we can provide our users with more information by just hovering above an item on the page. We are using the RadGrid object to show orders information and then showing the details of the order when you hover above the order number.

One of the things I didn’t mentioned in the video is that when the RadGrid in the tooltip gets too big you have to scroll the window down and then loose all the good experience. However, with RadGrid is very easy to avoid that (see the attached sample for one solution with the ASP.NET Panel).

Just modify the following settings in the User Control RadGrid to enable scrolling in the grid and not in the window:

ClientSetting –> AllowScroll = true
                        UseStaticHeaders = true
                        ScrollHeight = 250px

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