Book Review: ASP.NET Ajax In Action

Hi all.

I’ve been reading this book for a few weeks now and thought of writting a few lines about it.

About the Book

Well, to start just to point out that the book is from Manning Publications (very good book publishing company) and it’s not that big (576 pages). Also, it has been aroud for almost a year know, so it’s not that new, but yet, a world class bestseller.

I didn’t know what to expect from this book since it was the first I got for Ajax, however I thought it might be a good book since Scott Guthrie has it on his [scottgu] and recommends it (well, he wrote some forewords), and also there are some other excellent reviewers/reviews about it, but ok, seriously, the books is actually one of the best books I’ve read. It’s clear, concise, right to the point, the samples actually work (not like some other books I’ve read) and are so simple to modify and adapt to my projects.

It really helped me get some true insights for working with Ajax. Thanks to it I’ve written my first javascripts to call some methods and webservices using http. And has given me a clear idea of how to work with JSON.

Anyway, if you get serious about Ajax, get this book, period.

See you on the next post.


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